Man Holding Dirt In Cupped Hands With Green Plant
Man Holding Dirt In Cupped Hands With Green Plant

We've made sustainability a core part of our mission.

Working Towards Goals

Mr. Black is not a sustainable skincare company, as we're still working on making improvements as we move forward. But we're committed to making sure we're minimizing our impact, and we want to be transparent about where we are on this journey. Mr. Black has made sustainability a core part of our mission.

As people become more aware of the impact that their purchases have on the environment, they are seeking out products that are produced and packaged in an environmentally responsible manner. This is particularly true in the skincare industry, where concerns about plastic waste and the use of harmful chemicals have led many consumers to look for more sustainable options.

What We Are Doing

We're working to be more sustainable by using more eco-friendly packaging. We've made a commitment to increasing our recyclable and biodegradable materials for all our packaging, including our bottles, jars, and boxes. We've also switched from plastic to glass jars for a large percentage of our products, as part of our sustainability efforts. By using glass jars, we're reducing the amount of plastic waste it produces and contributing to a more eco-friendly packaging. The glass jars are also reusable and recyclable, making them a more sustainable option for both the company and its customers.

Additionally, Mr. Black has implemented a recycling program that encourages customers to return their empty bottles and jars for recycling. This program not only helps to reduce waste but also encourages customers to be more mindful of their impact on the environment. Once customers have accumulated 10 containers or more, they can reach out to customer service & we'll provide a pre-paid return label for you to return them.

We're also working to reduce our carbon footprint. We've implemented a number of measures to reduce energy use in its production facilities, including using energy-efficient lighting and equipment. Additionally, we've partnered with a carbon-offsetting company to offset our carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy projects. By taking these steps, Mr. Black is working to minimize its impact on the environment and to operate in a more sustainable manner.

What The Future Holds

Mr. Black has set specific targets to meet our sustainability goals in the coming years. By 2028, we plan to implement several improvements to further reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. One of the main areas of focus is packaging. We plan to eliminate most non-recyclable packaging materials, 70-100% of our packaging will be recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable.. This will include replacing plastic packaging with biodegradable alternatives, such as plant-based materials. In addition, we plan to reduce the amount of packaging used overall, by creating more efficient packaging designs and reducing excess space.

Another important improvement that Mr. Black will make by 2028 is increasing its use of post-consumer recycled materials. The company is committed to sourcing materials from recycled sources wherever possible, including using recycled glass bottles for its products. This will help reduce waste and conserve natural resources, as well as lower the carbon footprint of the production process. Mr. Black will also be implementing energy reduction measures across its operations, including the use of renewable energy sources when possible.

Although we might not always be able to remove problematic packaging like plastic from our waste stream, we are committed to doing the best we can. Our end goal? Net zero emissions by 2030.

What you can do? Recycle! Recycle! In addition, we strongly believe in reusing our glass jars before recycling. Our customers have found creative ways to reuse our bottles and jars.